My new book Babysitter Blues is now available as an ebook!!

I am so excited to announce that my new (inspiriational fiction) novel for children of middle school age now officially released as an ebook by One Voice Press!! 
Here's the summary:
Fourteen year old Evan feels like there's no tomorrow. He's trapped in an unending cycle of babysitting his much younger half-siblings while his mom juggles work and classes. He has little memory of his father, who died when he was young, and his mother has just divorced the stepfather to whom he had grown close. A   gang of bullies at his school delights in tormenting him, but a sympathetic English teacher and a new friend,    Nava, help him to see that what seems to be a hopeless situation really isn't.                                                                                                                       
Ebook editions now on sale. Paperback edition to be released later in 2013.

Click here to hear an interview I gave in April 2013
to Rustie MacDonald on her wonderful BlogTalk Radio Show
"Living and Thriving With Rustie"!

I've been cleaning out ( and throwing out) some old portfolios and sketchbooks and thought I'd share some sketches I can't part with!

This sketch of a whistler and his frogs was based on a project I did when I was in art school at UMass at Dartmouth many, many years ago! I think it was an illustration for a folk tale which I can't remember anymore!

I did these two color sketches last summer at one of Wentworth Greenhouse's Farmer's Markets

Happy Farmer's Marketing!!


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