Mother's Day is coming!
I have Mother's Day silhouettes available through my Etsy Shop! I work easily from photos to create a one of a kind custom silhouette! And I'm happy to add a bit of calligraphy here and there if someone wants it.

I studied Calligraphy years ago in school and taught it off and on for many years in Adult-Ed classes. I am thinking of doing more calligraphic pieces for the shop, or maybe starting an Etsy shop just for calligraphy, especially for weddings. Below is a sample of my Calligraphy which I did years ago.

Believe it or not this calligraphy is hand-done in the old fashioned way. I actually fed watercolor into a dip pen and changed the color from time to time, in order to get this effect. It was fun but time-consuming! What do you think?
Happy Creating!


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