How to find an online file converter!

I am excited that my illustrations have been accepted on a wonderful website called Storybird. www. 

I have been in the process of trying to find an online free converter that will tranform my jpg files into tiff. files, and hopefully will also convert my regular rgb (red, green, blue) files to a cmyk(cyan, magenta, yellow and black) file, because these format are what the website requires. Since I don't have a photoshop program and I'm not quite up to speed on the Gymp program on my laptop, finding the right resource on line has been a challenge. 

Today I found one that works - for me anyway! Yahoo! I still have to resize the pictures I've chosen, but that I can do on an iphoto program I have on my pc. But I found a website on line that converts not only from rgb to cmyk, but converts from jpg to tiff at the same time. I highly recommend it.

The two pictures below are two different versions of my artwork entitled "A Windy Day In Maine" the first is my original rgb,jpg file. The second is the converted and resized file. The color looks a bit different but I think translates well on a professional site for artists, such as Storybird!
"A Windy Day In Maine" original jpg, rgb file

"A Windy Day In Maine" in converted RGB,Tiff file.

Below are a few images that I plan to upload onto the Storybird site. What do you think?

 Happy Drawing!


  1. Hi
    Thank you for your post regarding the rgb to CMYK converter. I would love to submit to storybird n give it a try and was wondering usually how big your drawing or paintings would be before scanning. All my doodling n scribble are below A4 sizes. Do you think it's ok? Thanks.


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