Is My Granddaughter Pretty or What?

I did a caricature of my oldest granddaughter Phaedra!
Last Saturday, June 21st, was the Somersworth Children's Festival! It was held this year at the High School in Somersworth because of construction going on downtown.

I set up to do caricatures, silhouettes and pencil portraits! I did mostly caricatures and a few pencil portraits, but no silhouettes at all this time! It was a beautiful day and I shared the tent with my daughter Anisa who did chair massage! Her daughter Phaedra (above) was with us all day and helped out whenever we asked her to do something for us, but she also got to enjoy the fun at the festival!

I'll be doing Caricatures at a private party in Westbrook, ME on Wed. and on Sat. June 28th I'll be at the Strawberry Festival, in South Berwick, ME again. This will be my fifth year doing Strawberry Festival I think! And it's South Berwick's 200th Anniversary!

This boy sat still enough and didn't mind that I didn't put his face painting in the picture. Actually I forgot!

 Great fun was had by all!


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