Are You Ready For Wedding Season? -Tips And Portraits!

Hand-cut silhouette of a bridal couple! I can do this from a photo 

as a commission or even on the spot at a wedding! In fact I did this as a composite from two different photos!
A pencil portrait I did recently of a flower girl. Makes a great gift for the bride
 and groom! Or for the family of the flower girl !

Wedding Season is here! Weddings are fun for a silhouette artist. Since silhouettes only take a few minutes to produce on the spot, I wander among the guest and create a keepsake that they can take home with them! I usually cut two silhouettes at a time so that one can be put into a scrapbook for the bride and groom to have. The guest can then sign their silhouettes and the book can double as a guest book!

If  I'm doing caricatures at a wedding I set up my easel and work in one spot. Guests are usually eager to have their caricatures done to commemorate the day!

 Here some more samples of what I can do at weddings as a portrait artist, as well as some of the types of portraits I do as commissions to be used as wedding gifts! And some ideas on surviving your wedding day!

Here are some really helpful ideas to help you survive your big day. 

5 tips that may save your wedding (and your sanity)

By Kat Kinsman, CNN
updated 9:18 AM EDT, Fri July 12, 2013brides

Click here for an entertaining look at 31 tips to help you enjoy your wedding day!

Hand-cut silhouette of the bride.
Caricature of my son and daughter-in-law in their wedding garb!

Silhouettes of a couple.

Silhouette of a  guest. I did this a few years ago!
Caricature of a happy couple! Idid this in 2012!

A pencil portrait I did in 2014!


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