Packin' Up In Boxes! How to stay sane while you're moving!

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We are in the middle of moving right now! What a way to start a new year! Moving to a new house! Actually now the only things left to move now is in the garage at the old place, which is full of stuff! Stuff and more stuff, left over from many yard sales, kids moving in and out, old things we intended to take to the dump but didn't, and assorted items that outgrew the house!

Moving from a four floor (including a basement) apartment that we've been in for fifteen years to a four room bungalow/cottage is not an easy thing! Downsizing is the word for the day!  One of the best things that my hubby Larry and I have done for ourselves during this process has been to focus on the moving to, rather than the moving from, taking breaks whenever we need them, without pause.

My wonderful husband (who has done the lion's share of lifting and lugging) and I love to end the day with dessert, coffee (decaf of course ) sharing of the day's accomplishments, and playing a word game like bananagrams, zip it, crossword puzzles or the like. Even though there's always more to do, it's important to keep your sanity by communicating in a relaxed way with the ones you love and continuing to enjoy their company even while undergoing such an overwhelming change! We're also very grateful for our children and friends who came to help us move at various time during the process!

A number of years ago when Larry and I were performing our children's music at schools, camps, festivals, etc. I wrote this kid song during one of our previous moves, with three young children in tow! I hope to make this song available on bandcamp when we find the files, once we settle down in our new home! It fit's the bill right now. And I really do have a teddy bear collection that I really haven't found yet, among all the boxes, but I'm sure I will!

Packin' Up In Boxes

Moving Day, packing it all away!
Moving to a new place, moving there to stay!
And maybe I'll change, and maybe I'll stay the same.
But I'll always be me, though I'm moving away!

Packin' up in boxes, boxes, boxes
Packin' up in boxes, we're moving away!

I can't find my books and I just can't find my teddy!
They're packed up in boxes, they'll never be seen again!
And I'll have to say goodbye, and I really don't want to.
I feel like I'm never gonna find another friend!

Packin' up in boxes, boxes, boxes
Packin' up in boxes, we're moving away!

Now we're finally here and it's really not so different!
Unpackin' the boxes is really lots of fun.
And today I found my books! And I even found my teddy!
And now it know that moving can be hard for anyone!

Packin' up in boxes, boxes, boxes
Packin' up in boxes, we're moving away!

Silhouette Designs by Leona Hosack
Custom Paper-cut Folk Art Houses also available in my Etsy Shop!



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