Monday, December 23, 2013

Two Christmas Caricatures and How To Draw a Christmas Tree!

Santa, holiday
This is a commissioned Caricature I did recently of the subject as
Santa with two reindeer and a Christmas Tree in the background! Look at what his beard is holding!

Caricatures by Leona, Christmas, New Years
A caricature I was commissioned to do of the same person
for both Christmas and New Years last year!

How to draw a christmas tree
I just drew this Christmas Tree for fun!

I guess I have been drawing Christmas trees my whole life! I have no memory of learning to do this. Drawing seasonal symbols were just part of every holiday for me! How easy is it to draw a Christmas tree? Not that hard! I'd thought I'd share three different fun videos on how to draw a Christmas Tree. From the very simple to the more detailed!  Which one do you like?

Learn more about the history of Christmas trees here:

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