Monday, December 9, 2013

Silhouettes at Historic Houses in Retrospect!

I had a great time silhouetting  at historic houses this last weekend . On Friday night, Dec.6th I was set up at Sarah Orne Jewett House in the dining room next to the kitchen which is now the gift store. Many people came by during the free tour they offered as a part of the Home for the Holidays celebration in South Berwick, Me.

Quite a few people wanted their silhouettes cut and this time many adults were interested in having their own silhouettes cut to give as Christmas presents. More often than not it's parents that want their children's silhouettes done. I had a few children that night but probably more adults. One of the last people to come by was the curator of the New Hampshire Farm Museum, who was a very delightful person! She invited me to come and do silhouettes at the Museum next year!

Silhouettes by Leona
I love doing pony tails! So much fun!

You can learn more about the many upcoming events at Sarah Orne Jewett House here:

On Saturday morning I cut silhouettes at the Christmas Tea at Jeffer's Tavern at Historic York Village at York, Maine. Everything was so beautifully decorated! And wouldn't you know I actually forgot my phone! In other words, my camera! I was frustrated at first, because I always like to have photos, but I soon got into the cutting and was very, very busy! I even got to cut a few of the young docents in costume!

At one point several people were gathered behind me watching me work, and I heard a woman say "She cuts them without drawing first. She just looks and cuts!" The man next to her said "No, impossible!" The women answered something like "Oh yes, she really does!" The man looked closer and said "Wow!"  I still can't believe that people so enjoy watching me do something that seems so natural to me and is so much fun! I love "drawing" faces with my sissors!

SIlhouettes by Leona
 You can learn more about Old York Village here!:

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