Saturday, November 2, 2013

My latest work! Queen of Carmel/Shrine of the Bab- Calligraphy!

Years ago I studied calligraphy at Umass at Dartmouth, and have created calligraphy pieces from time to time over the years since then. My latest commisioned work through my Etsy shop was a Calligraphy piece featuring a illustration of the Shrine of the Bab which is on the top of Mount Carmel, and part of the International Center of The Baha'i' Faith in Haifa, Israel!
Bahai Temple In Haifa Stock Images - Image: 5334724
This is the photo of The Shrine Of The Bab that I worked from.
The words are from a song called "The Queen of Carmel" written by Jeannie Murday.
Detail of the sketch of the calligraphy.

This was the original sketch with the Shrine of The Bab in the bottom corner.
The customer really wanted the words superimposed on top of the illustration of the Shrine surrounded by the terraces and the area surrounding the shrine, so that's what I put in the final colored piece above.

Click here to learn more about the Shrine of The Bab

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